Detention Defense


When it comes to immigration detention, it is important to know your rights. An individual may be taken into ICE custody for many reasons such as the commission of a crime, violating his or her immigration status or other immigration violations. Locating a detained family member and requesting a bond with ICE or the court require the knowledge and expertise of an attorney. Contact LA Legal Advocates if your loved one has been detained.

Motion to Reopen Prior Removal

If your case was denied by the Immigration Judge or Board of Immigration Appeals, and you have new evidence to present, you have new relief available or you were represented ineffectively by your attorney you may file a Motion to Reopen your case. In some cases, you may file a motion to reopen if you failed to appear at your scheduled court hearing and were ordered removed In absentia (In your absence). There are different types of motions to reopen, some filed with the Immigration Court and others with ICE chief counsel. To determine if you are eligible to reopen your case, an immigration attorney at our firm can help you navigate through your options.

Stay of Deportation with ICE (I-246)

When an individual has an enforceable order of removal, enforcement of the order may be suspended through a request for an administrative stay with the Enforcement and Removal Operation “ERO” office of ICE. The administrative stay allows the recipient of the removal order to remain in the U.S for a specified period of time without deportation being enforced. Certain benefits accompany the approval of an administrative stay of removal such as the ability to obtain a work permit.

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